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Foreign Service Opportunity School

3 days, $100 (meals included)

Many decisions relating to the United States and its interests are made by career Foreign Service Officers, not elected officials. Unfortunately, this means those decisions often are not truly representative of election results or U.S. interests.

The Foreign Service Opportunity School has prepared many conservatives to pass the U.S. Foreign Service exam and gain entry to the diplomatic corps. School faculty explain the complex testing process and teach you how you can improve your chances to become a professional Foreign Service officer.  A heavy emphasis will also be placed on other  careers in the field of international relations.

Topics covered include:

  • About the Foreign Service
  • Countering liberal dominance at the State Department
  • Increasing your chances of passing the Foreign Service Exam
  • Other careers in international relations
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Patricia Rausch

Contact Patricia with your questions or to request training.

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Morton Blackwell

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