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Leadership by Design

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What you will learn

This course challenges conventional wisdom about leadership and offers it as a creative and intentional practice that anyone can master, regardless of their title.

Leadership by Design explores the technology featured in The New York Times bestseller Tribal Leadership, written by USC Professor Dave Logan and organizational culture expert John King. The book is the result of a ten-year study of twenty-four thousand people in two dozen organizations. Over the 10-year study, the organizations the authors worked with more than doubled the success of their strategies compared to the standard Harvard Business School models, and increased key performance metrics by 3-5x within 24 months.

The book, and this training, examine the natural formation of tribes in human relationships and organizations. What separates average tribes from those that excel is culture - not funding, seniority, size, or other surface features. Culture is not created in a mission statement, but in how people relate, associate, and communicate.

Tribal Leadership addresses challenging questions for organizations, including:

  1. Why do great leaders often fail in new environments?
  2. Why do average leaders sometimes seem better than they really are?
  3. Why do great strategies fail more often than they succeed?

In this course, you will learn to intentionally build and shape your organization's culture. You will identify limiting beliefs and blind spots, and create spaces for people to achieve greatness and elevate their own performance in line with the vision and mission of your organization.

Participants will learn:
  • How people associate and participate in group and training settings
  • How to learn effectively
  • Strength-Mapping and gap analysis
  • The Cultural Map, and how organizations are shaped by language
  • Dyadic and Triadic Relationships
  • The Flow Model and the four types of challenges
  • Components of a value-driven story
  • The difference between goals and outcomes
  • The difference between agreement and alignment
  • The Strategy Model and how to pitch strategies


Starts Saturday, December 5

Sat 5:   10:00 AM  - 7:00 PM EST
Sun 6:   10:00 AM  - 7:00 PM EST


This training is online.


$300.00 $200.00 discount for early registration until 11/28/20 Your Cost: $100.00


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Nathan Fatal

Nathan Fatal

Volunteer Faculty

Nathan is the Global Training Director at Students for Liberty and a Grassroots Program Coordinator for the Leadership Institute. He has trained over 6,000 activists, leading among other things to pro-free speech policy ch...

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Kyra King Neves

Kyra King Neves

Kyra is a AADP board certified health and wellness expert, performing artist, fashion model, and the current Miss Arizona for America 2021. She is committed to creating equity in education through her non-profit work as VP...

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Eric Schleien

Eric Schleien

Over the past decade, Eric has trained thousands of individuals including board members of public companies and Fortune 500 CEO's. Eric specializes in organizational culture and has become a leading authority on organizati...

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